Are Appetite Suppressant Pills the Answer?

Appetite suppressant pills are not for everyone, and that is coming from a place that specializes in helping people lose weight by offering many of them some form of appetite suppressants. While the pills are very effective at cutting down on those annoying hunger pangs, they are only a good option for a portion of people suffering from obesity, everyone else should be making a different change instead. They also are not a cure-all, and adding them to your diet probably will not solve all your problems.

You Should Consider Them Only with a BMI of 30 and Up

If you have a BMI (body mass index) of more than 30, you are already obese enough for it to be a major health concern. It is hurting your health and the side effects from appetite suppressant pills likely will not hurt your health nearly as much as the excess weight is already. Anyone in this range should consider appetite suppressants if they have been struggling with weight loss for a few years or more. Go in and talk with your doctor about getting the pills, or better yet, go and speak with weight loss professional who can give you a well-rounded answer before you begin suppressants.

Appetite Suppressants are not the Only Answer

Some people believe that getting on appetite suppressants is all they need to do to reach weight loss success. Sadly, all those people are mistaken. Suppressants alone will not make a huge change in your overall weight, and they will not even offer a lasting solution to the problem. The pills will only help you shed between five and ten percent of your current body weight and that is with the exercise and diet enhancements as well. From that point on, the pills likely will not be very effective and you will have to rely on your improved diet and exercise to do the rest of the work. What that means is that if you weigh 250 lbs. currently, you can expect to lose between 12.5 and 25 lbs. from using the pills.

You Need a Big Picture Approach

I am not saying you should not use appetite suppressants pills, because they really do work and for the right situations, they will make a difference. It is just, that you should be working on fixing the underlying problems leading to obesity, which is almost a dietary issue. Clean up your diet and try to work out any issues, you have with eating, and you should be able to continue losing weight even after the suppressants are not doing anything for you anymore. With help from our weight loss experts, you will be able to figure out what those underlying issues are and reach all the goals you are shooting for in time.

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