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Premium Weight Loss Programs in Brentwood

If, like millions of people across the country, you’re struggling with your weight, finding an effective diet plan that is both sustainable and effective can be a real challenge. At our Brentwood spa, we offer medically supervised weight loss using a proven weight loss meal plan. Each client is rigorously monitored to ensure that their weight loss is occurring safely yet speedily, enabling many to experience stunning results in only a few weeks.

FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication

In many cases, diet alone won’t be sufficient to get the weight loss you need for a healthier, slimmer body. Our medical weight loss clinic can offer appetite suppressant pills which are proven to be effective with minimal side effects. Our clinic is dedicated to offering on-going support to all our clients, ensuring that they have all the tools they need for effective, permanent weight loss. We offer medical weight loss that really works, keeping a close eye on client health and well-being to ensure optimal health.

Exercise Can Help

Although conventional weight loss advice suggests regular exercise, this presents a problem for many people. Years of obesity or ill health may have resulted in limited mobility, meaning that improving physical fitness is a real challenge. Our medically supervised exercise schedules are customized around the individual needs of our clients, ensuring that everybody has the chance to improve their aerobic health and burn additional calories, even if they have found it hard to exercise regularly in the past.

Have You Tried The HCG Diet?

Many of our Brentwood clients are experiencing considerable success with the HCG Diet in California. Designed to optimize weight loss, this diet is just one of the options we have on offer to maximize the chances of sustainable weight loss. From the correct supplementation and medication through to nutritionally optimal eating plans and fat burning workouts that really work, we have everything needed for clients of all ages, shapes and sizes to get the body they want. For further information or to book your FREE initial medical consultation, call us at (310) 820-8200.