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Rapid Weight Loss Is Possible With The HCG Diet

Almost everyone has tried at least one diet or exercise plan that turned out not to work, got discouraged and quit. Most people understand the need for a proper diet and exercise routine, but some people just can’t stand the fad diets or the hard exercise. While it is always best to use exercise and healthy eating habits that will help you lose inches safely and effectively and keep it off, there is help with a rapid weight loss diet that can help.

How It Works

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet is an extreme diet that is considered unsafe unless you are paired with a doctor that can monitor your progress. Typically, the diet consists of only 500 calories consumed per day, which is extremely low for most men and women. It is said that eating so few calories can cause your body to feel as though it is starving and to store fat instead of using it as energy, which is what causes weight loss.

However, the HCG injections, paired with eating so few calories are what cause rapid weight loss. The injections are meant to reduce your feelings of hunger, which allows you to eat fewer calories without feeling hungry. However, injections are the only form of taking HCG that will work and can only be given with a prescription.

The diet itself is determined by the doctor, as well. Many times, strange rules are provided, such as only eating one vegetable a day or not eating meat on specific days.


The biggest benefit of this is that you will slim down in size, losing about one pound per day, depending on the type of diet you are eating and the amount of injections you have. Another great benefit is that you will not be required to exercise, and in most cases, exercise is prohibited because you are eating so few calories to begin with.

This type of slimming program can also target the hard-to-get fat in areas such as the thighs, hips and underarms, making it easier to sculpt the body and have it look better. Many times, people slim down, but find that they have excess or flabby skin on their thighs, stomach or under the arms.

The HCG diet can also reduce hunger and help you lose inches off your waist and other areas of the body.

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