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Why Choose Medical Weight Loss in Cerritos

At California Medical Weight Loss, we know just how many ‘diets’ are out there. In fact, you likely see advertisements for various programs multiple times per day. We want you to understand why medical weight loss works and how it works. Choosing a program of weight loss in Cerritos that includes supplements like Phentermine is the smart choice and has many benefits.

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

If you are considering medical weight loss, we should take a few minutes to understand what it is and what it isn’t. Medical weight loss in Cerritos isn’t a fad diet or a magic pill that causes overnight rapid weight loss. Instead, it is a scientifically based diet plan, which targets the underlying cause of weight gain and obesity. It is a tailored plan, using supplements like Phentermine, to help you lose weight in a safe and effective way.

How Medical Weight Loss Is Different

Unlike other diet programs, medical weight loss in Cerritos uses your health and body profile to tailor a program specific to you. Your program will include a safe, low-calorie diet that will provide the nutrition you need, while helping your learn healthier eating habits. Supplements may be prescribed. Finally, if you so choose, your medical weight loss professional can prescribe medical appetite suppressants.

Don’t forget one of the biggest benefits of a medical weight loss program in Cerritos is the ability to work with your diet to address your specific health concerns. At California Medical Weight Loss, we are here to help you meet your health goals.

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