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Medical Weight Loss in Manhattan Beach

We offer comprehensive diet plans including workout routines and education on eating well to help our clients in Manhattan beach to reach their weight loss goals. When our medical weight loss Manhattan Beach programs are combined with FDA approved appetite supplements, we are able to help our clients achieve rapid results while learning how to keep the weight off long term. When you need a more advanced approach to weight loss, our medically assisted weight loss options offer the perfect solution.

FDA Approved Appetite Supplements

At California Medical Weight Loss & Spa, you can find a variety of different weight loss programs available. We will work with you on an individual basis to customize the right plan to fit your needs. Our programs encourage speedy weight loss however your entire weight loss journey is carefully managed to ensure your safety and health. With the help of appetite supplements such as Phentermine, you can focus on eating healthily and avoiding unwanted cravings.

Creative Solutions For Weight Loss

Many of our clients are tired of trying the previous methods of losing weight that didn’t prove to be effective. We offer a variety of creative weight loss facilitators that when combined with a healthy approach, have been proven effective. We safely administer vitamin B12 injections and HCG injections which are fully FDA approved to assist with weight loss.

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