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Medical Weight Loss in Redondo Beach

California Medical Weight Loss & Spa is a leading provider of medically assisted weight loss services in Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas. Losing weight on your own can feel like an uphill battle but we offer the creative solutions and effective weight loss plans that can make all of the difference. There is no need to go it alone when our experienced medical weight loss Redondo Beach staff is ready to assist you.

Experience the difference we can make in your weight loss goals

At our weight loss clinic, we offer a variety of different plans that can help you on your journey to losing weight. Our staff is highly trained and can provide the experience you have been searching for with other weight loss centers. Our advanced options such as phentermine, HCG injections, Vitamin B12 injections, and appetite supplements will seamlessly complement your weight loss efforts. We always adhere to the safest practices and perform all injections onsite in a medically supervised setting.

Professional Weight Loss Experts

Unlike many other weight loss centers that are staffed by counselors, we have experienced physicians and physician assistants on our team. This allows us to provide the premier level of assistance our patients need. We strive to exceed expectations by offering the highest quality care and attention to detail to help each client on their weight loss journey.

Contact Us

Contact California Medical Weight Loss & Spa for more information about medically assisted weight loss. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.